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9 CV Mistakes Best Software Engineers Never Do!

While the discussions about whether to create a CV or not, we tried to draw attention to what should not be a good CV.

Creating CVs is very time-consuming, challenging but never loses importance, especially for people with technical skills.

A well-crafted CV for a Software Engineering job posting helps speed up recruitment processes in technology companies and technology startups while helping you clarify what you want to draw attention to yourself in job interviews.

You could use various books and online resources to prepare for the questions asked in technical interviews. In this article, you can find 9 CV mistakes best software engineers never do.

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9 CV Mistakes Best Software Engineers Never Do

  1. Incomplete and incorrect information
  2. Unnecessarily detailed information
  3. Wrong or broken links
  4. Irrelevant technical and personal skills
  5. Writing mistakes
  6. Incorrect date information
  7. Repetition same information
  8. Non-special CV
  9. Adding salary expectation

You could find our comments on 9 CV Mistakes Best Software Engineers Never Do on our YouTube video.

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