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Remote Working as a Head of PR & Communications

We talked with Ezgi Ceren İsik, working as a Head of PR & Communications, about the remote working.

We hope to be a guide for those who are thinking about working remotely.

Please tell us about yourself!

I studied Political Science and Administration, started working in textile just after graduating in 2008 and spent around 1.5 years in textile.

I was always interested in the internet. This passion of mine helped me get a job at a web development company in 2010, even though I didn’t have a related education or background in the tech business. I worked at different agencies from creative agencies to media agencies for years. In 2015, I started consulting happn for the Turkish market. That’s how my “dating app” journey started. Then in December 2016, I started working for Tinder remotely, as the Brand Manager in Turkey, I also supported the German market.

I worked for the Estonian e-Residency program for a month, as the Country Manager of Turkey. My previous manager offered me a job and 3 months ago I started working for another dating app called Once as the Head of PR&Communications, now I am handling our communications in 8 different markets. I am currently working remotely but it’s temporary. I am just waiting for my work permit to move to London.

Why do you prefer to work remotely?

I am not a morning person. I hate waking up early in the morning, I hate the morning commute, traffic… The time difference between the HQ’s of the companies that I worked with enabled me to sleep more  And also, I like traveling a lot. When I was working full time it was really hard for me to travel this much. I never planned to start working remotely, It just happened to me and I accepted the situation. But I am not complaining. 

How did you hear about this job? How was your interview?

When I was a consultant at happn, I was reporting to the Head of Growth of happn back then. He started working for Tinder during the same period that I started working for Tinder. Then he became the CMO of Once, and he brought me in.

What kind of hours do you work and where do you prefer to work during the day?

I sometimes work for very long hours, sometimes if I don’t feel like working, or if I have other things to do,  I only do the urgent things during that day and postpone the other tasks.

Have you ever had difficulty while living or working?

If the internet is fast enough, there are no difficulties for me. One time I travelled to India for 2 weeks, that was the only time I was stressed about work because it was impossible to have a stable internet connection. Another difficulty that I am facing these days is managing a team remotely. I have a team of 2 people based in London and it is really hard to manage them from Istanbul. That’s why I am travelling to London almost every two weeks these days.

How do you stay motivated? How do you avoid miscommunication?

I love what I am doing and I am self-disciplined. That helps me stay motivated. We use Slackand Skype calls for communication. Even though I am not at the office we are always in touch. And from time to time I travel to the HQ and spend some time with the team.

What did you think about remote work before you have not started your job yet?

I wasn’t sure if I would be making enough money. But it turned out quite the opposite.

What is your ideal work environment?

Team synergy and flexible hours

What skills do you think are necessary to be a successful remote worker?

Passion, discipline, flexibility

What would you get advice, someone, if s/he wanted to work remotely?

The first step is the hardest. Take the leap and the rest will follow.

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